Aesthetic interventions are at the for-front of  modern Periodontology. These include microsurgical interventions that aim to correct problems related to gums and soft tissues of the oral cavity. The rational behind such corrections are not only aesthetic, but also functional.

Gingival recession and denuded roots make teeth look ugly and long. Display of excessive amounts of gum when you smile (gummy smile). Frenum attachments that creating interdental spaces. All of these can be dealt with, achieving very predictable results and with no discomfort for the patient.

Beyond the aesthetics,  the related and expected function should not be sidelined. Roots of teeth that are exposed because of gum recession, can create problems by causing sensitivity to cold or hot, while there is increased susceptibility to caries. The procedures  employed to cover the root surface and thus protect the patient from potential caries while also improving comfort when taking cold or hot foods and beverages, are the most biological and safe approach in restoring normal tissue architecture. Sometimes it is necessary to perform such procedures in a preventive manner to avoid tissue damage in the future. It is common in patients with a with thin gums, particularly in the mandibular  anterior region to perform preventive frenectomies in order to reduce the pull of the lip muscles on the  frail gum tissue. In other cases corrections are made to change the thickness of the tissue so as to become more stable and more resistant to brushing and daily use.

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