Peridontal disease causes loss of tissue essential for the support and the proper functioning of the teeth. This creates defects and deficiencies which are morphologically and functionally inconsistent with maintaining the health of the dento-alveolar system.

Through the use of different graft materials, we are able to regenerate these defects and restore the tissues to their original form and function. This process is called Guided Tissue Regeneration (GTR).

Graft materials can be proteins or other organic elements which induce production of macromolecules or proliferation of our cells to replace the deficit tissue. They are either in gel form or solid and can either act as scaffolding to build up the area with the help of our body cells or act as stimulants that will stem cells to differentiate to the appropriate cell type, while there are grafts which may operate with both these ways .

Their origin is artificial or natural from animals or humans. All graft materials used are tested and certified by international organisms and perfectly harmless, while their use is proven scientifically by many independent research studies.

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