The clinic is equipped with the state-of-the art equipment that can provide you with the best possible treatment result. All our equipment is certified by CE (c).

Some of our devices include:

  • Nd: YAG Laser, for dental treatment
  • Piezosurgery, for painless surgery and sinus lift procedures
  • Surgical Implant Motor, for implant placement and Oral Surgery procedures
  • Microsurgery Kit, for advance plastic surgery procedures
  • Special titanium instruments, for handling and maintenance of dental implants

There are two surgeries, one for conservative treatments and an exclusively  for surgical therapies. In this way we ensure the utmost level of hygiene for our patients and eliminate cross-contamination.

Sterilisation is a specially landscaped area and is certified by the stringent hospital standards worldwide . The tools are being carefully washed in a special ultrasonic bath, disinfected, dried in a special way and then sealed in envelopes where they are sterilized . So they remain free of bacteria and contamination until use , while a unique label is printed on each strerilization pouch with sterilization date and expiration date . The whole process is electronically controlled and file are stored in a digital format – thus surpassing the requirements of Greece and being fully in line with the strictest European and International standards .