Therapeutic protocols using Lasers are blooming in the recent years in Dentistry and particularly in Periodontology. The rationale for the use of Laser is based on the fact that microbes absorb radiation of a specific wavelength, which is emitted by the laser, and thus destroyed. Additionally, the ablation of the inner wall of the pocket with the laser beam, helps to destroy microbes that have penetrated inside the tissue, while removing the inflamed epithelium, thus enabling quick recovery of the lesion .

The radiation has a beneficial effect on the cells that produce collagen, optimizing their regenerative and healing potential, by increasing their collagen production. Also, with the creation of a thrombus caused by blood coagulation mediated by the laser beam, the area is sealed and protected from the oral environment. The patient after the treatment and can continue his/hers daily activities as it requires no special post-operative care nor creates any inconvenience. The treatment itself, in most cases, does not even require the application of local anesthesia since it is completely painless.

It should be emphasized that Laser radiation is completely harmless to the patient and has no side effects.

Laser application should always be combined with other forms of periodontal therapy and used as an adjunctant and not as a mono-therapy, as incorrectly applied in several cases. It should be applied after cleaning the tooth surfaces thoroughly, so that we get the expected results and optimize treatment outcome. Studies by many independent researchers have shown a significant reduction in the number of microbes in the environment of the pocket from the first few weeks after treatment .

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