Implant placement is performed  ​​by the qualified dentist in a surgical session under local anaesthesia. In our practice their is a special surgery dedicated to such procedures. Before the surgical procedure, all surfaces  are disinfected and covered with sterile drapes. A surgery requires the highest degree of hygiene and preparation. Staff wear surgical sterile gowns and use sterile surgical gloves, as a surgeon in a hospital would. For implant installation, special devices  prepare the bone with precision down to 0.1mm, so that the implant bed is prepared as described by the implant manufacturer. 

The whole process is painless and causes no discomfort to the patient. Durirng the procedure, the medical team ensures that the patient is comfortable. After anaesthesia, the patient can go home and do not need any other support, apart from a light painkiller .

We can place implants in areas where teeth have been lost or even in areas where there will be an extraction of the tooth and immediate implant placement. Usually restoration of the tooth with the prosthesis / bridge will follow in a few weeks. In some selected case, the implant can be loaded immediately and the prosthesis placed on the implant at the time of the surgery or the next day. We stress however that the immediate placement / immediate restoration  is not applicable in all cases , as there is risk of prematurely loading of the implant, which can lead to failure. We can also use novel 3D scanning technology to construct very precise surgical stents that allow us to place implants without incisions and without a flap and usually without even one suture. In this case the whole procedure is CAD/CAM based and has excellent results, allowing us to place a prefabricated but custom-made for the specific patient prosthesis in a matter of hours.






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