Implant placement is a serious matter and should be planned with the utmost precision, so that the patient always has the best possible treatment result. The oral cavity is a closed system where the health of an individual tooth may affect the overall health of the oral cavity.

The success of an implant treatment depends on many factors. Thus, it is not right considering replacing a tooth with an implant as a single procedure which is isolated from the rest of the oral cavity.

Some examples of necessary restorations prior to implant placement are denoted below:

Periodontal disease must be eliminated prior to implant placement. This is required because the microbes responsible for periodontitis can colonize the surface of implants and lead to peri-implantitis.
Teeth with root-canal treatments that are of poor quality or teeth that have lesions in the area where you will place the implants must be treated or re-treated properly.
Tooth decay  should be restored.
The available prosthetic space should be checked very carefully so that the restoration is harmonious with the adjacent teeth and fully functional
Any need for regeneration of bone or change the morphology of soft tissues must be considered and planned properly.
Orthodontic treatment should be finished before the placement of implants.
Oral hygiene should be of a very satisfactory level.
It is therefore clear that the placement of an implant may require further work to be undertaken by the dentist in order to have optimal results. We must also take into consideration the time needed to execute all these tasks. This is necessary in order to determine the time of placement and the actual time-frame of the complete restoration  as planed.

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