Wisdom teeth – third molars – are  teeth which are synonumous to problems for many of us. In modern humans, the lower and upper jaw tend to grow smaller. As a result, many times there is not enough space to allow for complete eruption of the third molars. So it is very frequent that these teeth are impacted – ie enclosed in tissue without being seen in the oral cavity –  or semi-impacted –  a part of thembeing visible in the oral cavity.

 Wisdom teeth that have not erupted fully create problems as they can push the adjacent teeth with unpleasant consequences. They can cause tooth movement, causing crowding of the front teeth, creating aesthetic and functional problems .

The above is extremely important for people who have had orthodontic treatment, as they often ruin very nice aesthetic result. Indeed there are many times where these teeth are being removed on a preventional basis in order not create such problems later.

Another problem that arises, more rarely of course, is resorption of the roots of adjacent second molars due to the pressure of the third molars. Semi-impacted teeth can have caries, which inevitably leads to painful episodes. They are alos prone to food and bacteria trapping under the gum covering the tooth not being exposed which is a very painful condition known as “pericoronitis”.

The extraction of wisdom teeth does not have to worry or frighten the patient .

Piezosurgery – the application of piezotome in the removal of these teeth allows you to have a painless procedure, without problems such as post-operative swelling and discomfort. The extraction is performed in the most atraumatic way, ensuring smooth healing and no problems for the patient.

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