Maintenance of therapeutic effect is extremely important for the successful treatment of periodontal disease in the long run. As Periodontal Maintenance we define periodic sessions of “meticulous cleaning” of the teeth, combined of course the necessary re-evaluation of the patient’s peridontal condition.

Numerous studies worldwide confirm the fact that without proper and regular maintenance, periodontal inflammation will re-develop to some degree. The reactivation of the disease will cause further loss of supporting tissue or even teeth. In contrast, regular maintenance  improves the condition of the gums over time, giving us an optimal end result in our therapeutic approach.

A typical maintenance session includes assessing all the related clinical parameters such as periodontal pocket depth, attachment loss, bleeding, and of course performing a thorough curettage of the root surfaces followed by topical fluoride application or laser wherever necessary.  The session typically lasts approximatelly 45 minutes. From the above description it is evident that a periodontal maintenance session is different from simple scale and polish. There is no needhowever for anaesthesia and there is no discomfort.

With regular maintenance, as perscribed in a personalized program which we will determine by the end of each patient’s treatment, you can achieve  long-lasting health of your gums and associated tissues. No matter how excellent one’s oral hygiene is, there are always areas that can not be thoroughly cleaned with the help of toothbrush and other supplemental means of OH. Maintenance therefore helps you eliminate this problem.

Our Clinic maintains an electronic file for each patient and thus has the potential to remind you when to come for your next appointment.

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