Per-Ingvar Brånemark

Dental implants are perhaps the most revolutionary discovery in the field of dentistry in recent years. As many materials and techniques used in dentistry, implants were first developed by Orthopaedics. The father of the implant is a Swedish orthopaedic surgeon, Per-Ingvar Brånemark. The discovery, which was meant to cause a revolution in dentistry and orthopaedics, was done accidentally in 1952 when Brånemark was studying blood circulation in the limbs of rabbits using Titanium metal chambers. He discovered that the metal device could not be removed from the bone of a rabbit, it  somehow fused to the bone. This created the idea of ​​Osseo-integration upon which all dental implants are based.

In 1965 the first implant in humans was placed. Since then, we have gone a long way. Implants nowadays are designed by computers, gaining remarkable qualities such as the threaded design which allows for greater primary stability. The surfaces also have evolved and now promote osseointegration and minimize treatment times.

Today Dental Implants provide the optimal solution to tooth loss.

Whether by accident or by caries or periodontitis, or even congenitally missing, teeth can be replaced without the need to prep the adjacent teeth to make a bridge. Even patients who wear dentures can with the help of implants to regain new teeth or support implant-borne dentures which are more stable and smaller and as such, better tolerated and more functional.

Implants with proper care, will last as long as your teeth… for a lifetime, offering functional and aesthetic restoration of another level. To get the maximum benefit from the placement of the implants, this should be done by qualified dentists who have trained in the field to a specialist level. Also important is the quality of the implant used. Cheap solutions can be attractive initially but may later prove to be very expensive. In our practice we use only top quality implant systems which are guaranteed for several years. This is to ensure that you get a restoration which will really serve for a lifetime without any problems.

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