Many patients believe, incorrectly, that implants do not require any care, since they are made of  metal and therefore can not have decay.

The truth could not lay further from this perception. Let’s put things into place. Indeed, implants are metal and as such they are not be affected by caries. Also you will never have “toothache” from an implant or exhibit sensitivity to cold and hot. Implants, however, are a foreign body in our organism and while the implant osteointegrates with our bone, this inegration may be lost .

The maintenance of implants, likewise to our teeth, is essential. Good oral hygiene and regular screening is mandatory to ensure the implants remain in good health and function.

The accumulation of bacteria on the surfaces of the implants and later on, tartar, leads to irritation of the tissues around implants and this causes peri-implantitis. This will lead to loss of attachment and loss of the implant at an advanced level. This need is even greater in patients who have lost teeth from periodontal disease, since peridontitis and peri-implantitis share common pathogenic microorganisms. Also, implant restorations are complex in terms that within the restoration there are several individual parts which bolt together. Regural check-up is mandatory in order to ensure that there is no fatigue or screw loosening that would endager the restorations. Proper maintenance at regular intervals is considered the absolute minimum care required to ensure the longivety of such a restoration.

Proper cleaning of implants requires a special procedure and the use of  titanium tools made ​​just for this purpose. Standard dental tools used to clean our teeth should not be used to clean implants, since they will create scratches and damage the surface of the implant. The procedure is painless and does not cause any problems to the patient. Furthermore, a regular radiographic examination of the implants on an annual basis is necessary, in order to be able to properly assess the condition of the bone supporting the implant.

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