The first step in the treatment of periodontal disease is the control of inflammation or otherwise non-surgical periodontal therapy .

Τreatment starts with the necessary patien tmotivation and oral hygiene education. The patients demonstrate how they  brush their teeth using their toothbrush but also with all other additional  means of oral hygiene. Then follows a demonstration on how to brush in a way that best suits their needs. The proficiency of the patient on the new way of brushing is checked at each and every session, and so the patient is asked to bring with him his toothbrush every time he comes to the clinic for treatment.

The main part of the non-surgical treatment is a “thorough scaling” which is done with the help of hand instruments and ultrasonic scalers. Depending on the case we may use in dental lasers. The treatment protocol ends with polishing and fluoridation of tooth and exposed root surfaces.

The treatment is divided into sessions that last at least 45 minutes. The entire treatment is performed under local anesthesia. The patient does not feel anything during treatment. After the end of treatment and when the anesthesia wears off, most patients do not report any discomfort. A very small percentage reports mild discomfort, but which is easilly controlled with a light painkiller, without other problems.

Six to eight weeks after the completion of the treatment, there is a review appointment. During this session we meassure the level attachement and hence the result of the first phase of periodontal therapy. Then we analyze the need for further therapeutic inetrventions (surgical treatment – tissue regeneration ) or set-up a program of maintenance required for the particular patient .

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