Our Philosophy is very simple and straightforward. Evidence Based Dentistry

  • We  apply only treatments which are predictable, with high success rates and always for the benefit of the patient. All our treatments and materials used (implants, regenerative materials, grafts) are certified and have proven efficiency, as demonstrated by several independent scientific studies.
  • We research new technologies, advances in techniques, new treatment modalities and incorporate them into our daily practice for your benefit.
  • We believe in the digital era and that is why we have a practically paperless practice. Patient files, x-rays, notes, all are in digital format, providing easy communication between the doctor and the patient or other colleagues.
  • We uphold the right of the patient to have as much information possible concerning the proposed treatment plan. This is why we explain to you in deatil all the pros and cons of each procedure in order to help you understand what is best for your teeth, and why we propose this cause of action.
  • We like our patients to feel comfortable in our Clinic, as they would feel at home.
  • We believe that investing in your workplace is crusial in order to be able to provide cutting-edge technology and sofisticated treatments to your patients. That is why we attend numerous seminars and congresses to get in touch with current advances in science and upgrade our equipment and facilities to be always on the forfront of Dental Technology.