Periodontology is the specialty of dentistry that deals with the diagnosis and treatment of periodontal diseases. The word periodontal comes from the Greek words “peri” and “οdontas” and means “around the tooth“. Following this definition, Periodontology deals with the problems affecting the periodontal tissues which are:

  1. Gingiva (Gums)
  2. Cementum, covering the root surface of the tooth
  3. the Alveolar Bone, which supports the tooth
  4. the Periodontal Ligament that connects the tooth to the alveolar bone

Periodontal diseases, as  such cause varying degrees of damage to some or all of the periodontal tissues.

As a specialty, Periodontology is awarded after completion of a strict program of specialization and practice on this field of dentistry. This program lasts three years full-time and is provided by top-level universities and colleges around the world. A Periodontist undergoes rigorous examination to be awarded the title, where he has to demonstrate excellence on various aspects of the Specialty like advanced treatment planning,surgical managment and implant placement.

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