EFP Manifesto

New year resolutions…

The E.F.P. (European Federation of Periodontology – www.efp.org ) has started a world-wide campain to inform the public on a very important matter: The evidence connecting Periodontitis and Systemic Diseases. This campain was organised and took its final form in 2013 taking into consideration evidence submitted in a Perio Workshop, in Spain in 2012.

We firmly believe in promoting general and oral health. From this standpoint we have signed the EFP Manifesto, baking up this huge effort in public awareness on such important issues. We will take every opoprtunity from this web site to bring to you relative information, either in articleform, videos or any other appropriate medium to underline the importance of this link and to give you the latest evidence available.

Have a Very Happy New Year….and take good care of your health…it is priceless!!!!

Dr. S Kouris, Periodontist


EFP Manifesto